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John McBeath, The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe Review 2012, March 3, 2012.

If you’re unfamiliar with Marmalade 5, sort that out - you’re missing out on what would have to be one of the most musically-talented families in Adelaide.

Would You Like Jazz With That? is a solid serving of fun songs and tight vocal harmonies aimed at children that parents will love too.

Food, space, gumtrees, animals - there’s really something here for everyone and each of the five family members burst with both talent and energy.

With catchy tunes and a healthy dose of audience participation, there’s more than enough here to hold the attention of even the youngest audience members.

And when the kids are singing the songs they’ve just heard for the first time outside the venue after the show, you know it’s been a good one.

With only two shows this festival, get along and check them out - you won’t regret it.
Tom Bowden, The Advertiser, February 25, 2017

“If you don’t like high-energy, ingenious, magnetic jazz then you best just skip over to the next article (bet you hate puppies too…)… The band is tight, enchanting and ridiculously talented.”

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Buzzcuts Arts Review, Adelaide Fringe 2012, March 3, 2012.

“…a splendid, uplifting and happy hour of sound…The enthusiasm of not only Ferguson but all his team…was infectious and the showmanship sufficient to build a palpable level of enjoyment in his audience…A fun afternoon’s entertainment”.


Kryztoff Rating 4K

Peter's Adelaide Fringe 2011 Kryztoff Review, 21/2/2011

“...What I wasn’t prepared for was the whimsical humour and showmanship the band inject into their performance… The enthusiasm and virtuosity with which they played was infectious, and without having heard any of the material before this was the best night out I’ve had for quite a while”.

Fringe 2010 review, Adrian Miller-RIPITUP., 19-2-2010

“YUP…is a classy album—world class in fact…”
Yup album review-Robert Dunstan-The Adelaide Review, Feb 2010

"... it is obvious that the leader is a versatile arranger and a composer of considerable ability who has attracted a group of talented players including some of Adelaide\'s best jazz soloists..."
Yup album review-John McBeath-The Australian, Feb 2010

"...They will entertain you, astound you, delight and excite you while having you scream for more... "
Fringe 2008 review, Edel Perth-RIPITUP., 1-3-2008

 4 1/2 stars  "...packing out the venue to standing room only...The group is studded with top players and Ferguson\\\'s compositions are lively and accessible, ... Right from the opening number Tropical Fruit Chunks, the band was pumping like a steam locomotive..."
Fringe 2008 review, John McBeath-The Advertiser., 3-3-2008

"... their sound is superbly, massively awesome. A local ten-piece world-jazz troupe comfortably presenting some of the freshest most invigorating foot tapping hip swinging original material in the tightest yet jovial way possible. Unquestionably world class..."
Fringe 2007 review, The Independent Weekly-David Jobling., 22-3-2007

"..But what a band… and what a gig! The 10-strong Marmalade crew turned in a superlative performance...So many excellent musicians are on display that it seems wrong to single anyone out... Ferguson’s best compositions are of as high a standard as you could hope for, the arrangements are tight and sharply focused, and there’s plenty of room for individual expression..."
Fringe 2007 review, Gary Cockburn-RIPITUP., 22-3-2007