• YUP and Other Words of Affirmation - Marmalade Circus

    YUP and other words of Affirmation (2009)

    Marmalade Circus' first full-length studio album.
    This represents the full flowering of the 10-piece Marmalade Circus. Lots of woodwind, lots of fat grooves, killer soloists. All tunes and arrangements by mferg. Recorded over two sessions, January 2007 and January 2009.

    2007: mferg-piano, shireen khemlani-bass, john mcdermott-drums, steve todd-perc, ben todd-perc, tom pulford-alto/flute, chris soole-tenor/soprano, jon hunt-bari/bass clarinet, warren heading-tpt/flugel, pat thiele-tpt/flugel, gareth davis-trombone.
    Recorded at the Full Bench studio by Andrew Bayfield.

    2009: mferg-piano, shireen khemlani-bass, steve todd-perc, ben todd-drums, tom pulford-alto/bari, adam page-tenor/clarinet/flute/piccolo, jon hunt-bari/clarinet, warren heading-tpt/flugel, pat thiele-tpt/flugel, nick mulder-trombone.
    Recorded at PATU, University of Adelaide by Peter Dowdall.
    1. Tropical Fruit Chunks
    2. Tom Tommy Tom (of the Tommy Tom Tom People)
    3. Animal Curtains
    4. Salaam
    5. Down Home Up North
    6. Yup
    7. Anniversary Song (for Susan)
    8. Thirteen

  • and then there were ten... (2005)

    10-piece Marmalade Circus recorded a little EP at the Full Bench studio. All tunes and arrangements by mferg.

    mferg-piano, Shireen Khemlani-bass, John McDermott-drums, Steve Todd-perc, Dustan Cox-alto, Tom Pulford-tenor, Jon Hunt-bari, Warren Heading-tpt, Pat Thiele-tpt and James Nikkerud-trombone.
    1. Collapso
    2. Sweeter After Difficulty
    3. Bonaira 2.2
    4. B.G.B.

  • True Colours (2004)

    Marmalade Fiesta, the quartet version of the group recorded this album for their 'Across the Top' tour where they travelled from Perth to Brisbane (via Darwin etc) performing in schools  and other venues. Features Susan Ferguson on vocals, mferg on piano, Shireen Khemlani on bass and John McDermott on drums. Features a mix of originals and covers arranged by mferg. Recorded by Jed Palmer at Broadcast Studios and Mastered by Brett Taylor at Mixmasters.
    1. Change the World
    2. Peace, Good Tickle-Brain
    3. Sway
    4. That Happy Thought
    5. If I Could
    6. Sleepyhead Samba
    7. Fever
    8. True Colours
    9. Lullaby of Birdland
    10. I've Got You Under My Skin
    11. You Make Me Feel So Young
    12. Dents in the Fence

  • Tropical Fruit Chunks (2001)

    7-piece Marmalade Circus recorded this album in the Full Bench studio-a former courtroom-in front of a live audience.

    mferg-piano, shireen khemlani-bass, john mcdermott-drums, steve todd-percussion, warren heading-trumpet/flugelhorn, mike stewart-saxes, nick mulder-trombone
    Engineer Andrew Bayfield
    1. One for Nicky Noo
    2. My Little Jiggy Girl
    3. Peace, Good Ticklebrain
    4. Waiting For D
    5. Dents in the Fence
    6. Tropical Fruit Chunks
    7. Simeon's Blues
    8. Bonaira

  • Mark Ferguson's Marmalade Trio (1999)

    Self-titled debut from Marmalade Trio. Features originals and covers arranged by mferg. Features Shireen Khemlani on bass and John McDermott on drums. Recorded at PATU by Silver Moon.
    1. The Bella Dance
    2. Lady Madonna
    3. The Crystal Sea
    4. Smile
    5. Bonaira
    6. Every Breath You Take
    7. That Happy Thought
    8. Carioca
    9. Isn't She Lovely
    10. Mangrove Malaise